React For Beginners : What is React?

Max Gadget
September 9, 2022
3 Mins Read

What is react?

React is a JavaScript library and one of the most popular library. React is not a framework. Unlike angular react is not a Framework, it is a JavaScript library. React is an open source project created by Facebook. React is used to build user interface on the front and is the view layer of an MVC application. One of the most important aspect of react is you can create components which are like custom, reusable HTML elements to quickly and efficiently build user interface. However, react is only concerned with rendering the data to the Dom and so creating react application usually requires the use of additional libraries for state management and routing. React is also known as ReactJS and React.js.

Benefits of using React

React is easy to learn and easy to use and comes with a good supply of documentation, tutorials and training resources. Anyone who comes from a JavaScript background can understand and start using react in a few days. For the documentation you can use Here you will get all the documentation and the tutorials, all the terms are covered in this documentation.

The second benefit is Reusable components, React it based on components. Each component has its own logic and control its own rendering and can be reused wherever you need them. Code reuse help us to make a App easier to develop and easier to maintain. They also help you to implement a consistent, look and feel across the whole project.

This may be a short description, but using components provides a large advantage in our development efforts. The third one is the Virtual DOM in react. New changes are first performed on the virtual DOM which lives in memory and not on your screen and algorithm, then determines the changes made to the virtual DOM and then applies only those changes to the real DOM. This guarantees a minimum update time to the the real DOM providing higher performance and cleaner User experience.

React is well covered in terms of design and debugging tools. React developer tools available for Chrome and Firefox is a browser. Extension for React allows you to inspect the react components hierarchy in virtual, DOM. You can select individual component and examine their current properties and state.

Its Easier to Write with JSX. The benefits of JSX for templating over regular JavaScript, including optimized code, type safety and quicker creation of templates.